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Download The Color of Paradise Full Movie | The The Color of Paradise Movie

March 19, 2013

Genres: Drama , Family
Actors: Hossein Mahjoub , Mohsen Ramezani , Salameh Feyzi , Farahnaz Safari , Elham Sharifi , Behzad Rafi , Mohamad Rahmani , Morteza Fatemi , Kamal Mirkarimi , Masoome Zinati , Zahra Mizani , Ahmed Aminian , Moghadam Behboodi , GanAli Khorami
Director: Majid Majidi
Country: Iran, Islamic Republic of
Year: 1999
IMDB Rating: 7.9/10 (6628 votes)

Mohammad, a boy at Tehran’s institute for the blind, waits for his dad to pick him up for summer vacation. While waiting, he realizes a baby bird has fallen from its nest: he chases away a cat, finds the bird, climbs a tree, and puts it back. His father finally comes and takes him to their village where his sisters and granny await. The lad is a loving student of nature and longs for village life with his family, but his father is ashamed of him, wanting to farm the boy out to clear the way for marriage to a woman who knows nothing of this son. Over granny’s objections, dad apprentices Mohammad far from home to a blind carpenter. Can anything bring father and son together?

Film Review

Majidi's films are truly one of a kind. When world media is too preoccupied with portraying Iran as a country where revolutions, reform movements and extreme corruption takes place, his films remind the world that there's another side to the beautiful country. 'Rang-e Khoda' displays the beauty through the simplicity of everyday life in Iran.The story revolves around a blind little boy named Mohammed who's been admitted to a boarding school for the blind and now that the summer holidays are about to begin, he eagerly awaits his father to take him home for the holidays. His father reluctantly arrives later than everyone else. He sees his son as a burden, a obstacle that prevents him from moving further in life. However, his grandmother and two sisters are thrilled to see Mohammed.The characters are beautifully written. Each and every one of them are recognizable as humans we have met at some point in life. Hashem, for example isn't an evil person. After lo…

Although I've always known that the film is one of the strongest mediums of art, but I've never been deeply satisfied with any of the films I have ever watched. I've watched Bergman, I've watched Kurosawa. And they are really good. But still, for so long I have been waiting for a film that is truly satisfying to me with its touching sensitivity and deep insight. Finally I have found this film: The Color of Paradise (In fact, the original name is Rang-e-Khoda, The Color of God). A lot of symbols have been used masterfully and with simplicity, the outer has subtly expressed the inner and a profound truth has been depicted so artistically and heartily. The scenarios are very beautiful and the story seems so natural. I am deeply touched. And I am sure, this film will satisfy your heart and head at the same time.

Colour of Paradise is virtually ‘Images of nature’. Only thing that remembers you of the so called paradise is the beauty of the frames, that you may even wonder that the movie is shot in Iran. Everything else, the story, characters…everything are much humane.Many of the times the movie brings out helplessness (of anything…even nature)as a main theme. You can feel this at the image of the bird fallen out of its nest, the fish struggling to get into water, the tortoise struck between the stones, and finally when Mohammed and his father trying to get saved from the stream. Apart from all these images, the movie portrays helplessness as a general theme. Everything happens or the nature just runs by chance…thats what you feel about the depth of the movie.This movie shows how a simple and touching subject can be made into a visually perfect crowd pleaser. Some of the scenes-like those of Mohammad playing with his sisters- will not disappear from your mind even after days. The charact…

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